Notes: Here will be reviews of the releases of the punk bands from the former soviet union countries and it will be in English (in my very bad English, as you can see it now). Some other reviews will be just in Russian. You can check all reviewed stuff in my paper zine, but this one is in Russian and it is distributed among Russian-speaking punks). You can send your materials (tapes, CDs, vinyls, zines) to me and it will be reviewed here or in paper zine in some time. What to place here it is just my own desire.

Здесь будут рецензии как на русском, так и на английском языке (на моем корявом английском языке, конечно же). Вы можете высылать мне свои кассеты, диски, винилы, зины, и я буду рад отрецензировать их либо здесь, либо на страницах моего печатного зина. Что разместить на страницах этого блога, я буду решать сам по собственному желанию.


Internal Damage - Blindness and Denial - CD - grindcore from St.Peterburg, Russia
(Xmen records / CoreRecords / Twisted truth records)

Very-very vigorous release from this St.Petersburg band. Shattering grindcore (in general I would name it grind/crust). The guitarist of the most well-known Russian d-beat band Distress plays in Internal Damage. At their gig in Moscow some months ago guys played so energeticly that anybody from 10 persons presented in club (very bad promotion of the gig) couldn't be at a stop. Abrupt children. Record includes that concert power. It is good, when power doesn't die on the digital plastic disk. Guys sing in English, design contains all lyrics with translation into Russian. Lyrics are on social, political and ecological themes. All is as necessary, all within the limits of style. Release is closed by the cover-song of grind-monsters Nasum - Distortion and Disinformation. It is surprise for me that this band doesn't find great popularity on a domestic scene. Get acquainted with them necessarily.

4scums - We can resist - digipack CD - hardcore punk/d-beat from St.Peterburg, Russia

One of the most interesting bands in Russian hardcore punk scene as it seems to me. Their latest release, this time it is 5-songs digipack CD with one more bonus track. We can resist - we really can resist the domination of d-beat-clones on the former soviet union scene. 4scums proves it by their creativity: interlacement of hardcore punk, punk'82 and d-beat. Music is the same style of their previous album. The lyrics seem more intelligent and more actual (though themes aren't new). Good record, a powerful sound, laconic, but stylish design (the bear is the same as on the cover of the 2nd issue of my zine). For the foreign punks this release can be noted only by the following moment worked not enough (probably meaningly): there is no information in English (translations, names, contacts and other). Domestic and foreign punks, you must have!


Е123 / I KNOW - split CD - Crust/grind from Russia vs.crusty hardcore from Belarus.
(Black Cardinal rec / Street influence / Crime chords / Totalpunk rec)

It was a big interest to me to get this CD. It was interesting to listen to the new stuff of the E123, the demo of which I didn't like at all, but I've found a lot of positive responses in Internet concerning the band's actual creativity recently. Their style is noted by label as crust/grind but I don't want to use this definition. As for me it is simply some crustcore with some piece of blast-beats. Generally good stuff. I'm surprised. E123 have strongly changed to the best (in a lyrics part, by the way, too). But there is one "but", "I know" band is more bewitching. I think it is due serious introduction about reprisals in Belarus, and also to a sincere female vocal. Musically -  crusty hardcore. Both bands are worthy to get your attention during the acquaintance with modern crust/punk scene of the CIS countries.