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the Minc - Where is your god? CD - Maximum Rock'n'roll Jan 2011 #332 review

the Minc - Where is your god? CD
First off, I have to give respect to any punk band from Russia, where the nationalist thugs and neo-nazis make being visibly punk or leftist at all a literally life-threatening proposition. Furthermore I have to give respect to the MINC for being a really fucking kick-ass D-beat punk band! This shit sounds like classic '90s Swedish D0beat a la Absolut Country of Sweden-era ANTI-CIMEX, early DRILLER KILLER or SLAKTMASK. It's got that deep snare sound, the cigarettes-and-whisky vocals, the short and awesome lead and most importantly the feeling of immediacy and desperation that made me love this style way back in the day. Of everything I've got to review this month, this might be my favorite because it came completely out of left field and blewme completely away. Lyrics are in Russian with English explanations that make more sense than most English-speaking band's lirics. This is really exceptionally good, and it really deserves your support. Write the label, get a copy and enjoy. (AU)

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